Friday, March 14, 2014

Foodchaser's New Home

sydney food blog foodchaser has moved to

Like a crisp apple slice turned brown with age.. so has this blog faded over time.

It's been a while since this blog's heyday back in 08-10, but college and then work brought new challenges that were at odds with the hot-blooded enthusiasm needed to powered late nights and early mornings out writing, editing, planning and coding new posts. Blogging took a back seat and Foodchaser turned to perpetual hiatus...

But today I'm thrilled to announce we are around the riverbend!
Please update your links, message me if you'd like to re-exchange, and will see you on the other side.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

An easter lunch! at Pony's restaurant, The Rocks Sydney

Herro lovelies!

So this tuesday, strolled into Pony's @ The Rocks for a long awaited lunch with three foodie friends

We got the ladies lunch - $55 pp, there's a gentleman's lunch too
Be warned, you need minimum two people both ordering the same lunch, cos you share each course, so you need even numbers to do the set lunch!

white wine sangria glasses Pony's modern australian dining @ The Rocks, Sydney
I'm a red wine girl really, but would you believe, White wine sangria is heavenly
hellooo summertime

Pony's modern australian dining @ The Rocks, Sydney fresh rock oysters plate
I don't usually like oysters but... so fresh! rock oysters
Fresh seafood
Lip smackin good
(oysters, did you know, get you in the mood)

green spinach gnocci and sour cream, Pony's modern australian dining @ The Rocks, Sydney
weird slug-like green spinach gnocci, we did a good amount of ladylike complaining about how it was impossible to take a pretty photo of haha but once you have a bite it's surprisingly tasty and soft, but not too soft it holds its own. and the smell of pine nuts mmm and a dollop of superfun cream that you swirl in with your fork

food bloggers in action, Pony's modern australian dining @ The Rocks, SydneyTwo pretty ladies hard at work bringing our gnocci to you and the world wide web

dessert degustation platter, creme brulee, rich chocolate brownie, pistachio biscotti berry trifle vanilla bean icecream at Pony's modern australian dining @ The Rocks, Sydney
The perfect finish to our long weekend lunch

Pony's chef's degustation dessert platter for the ladies - vanilla icecream sucks but these saucers of vanilla bean icecream were something else, gorgeous...! plus super rich deep dark chocolatey mousse brownies, crunchy pistachio biscotti, crispy-sugar-glazed creme brulee with rich eggy cream below, and raspberry fig and roasted almond flake trifle, with brandy-soaked sponge. Mmmmmmmm!

Ladies lunch @ Pony's also included:
Random mixed leaf salads, a fragrant roasted squid salad w/ pine nuts, epic flaky beetroot tart with thin blanket of goats cheese, and something else, I remember it had to do with asparagus, I forget what.

Ps. the lunch offers perfect portions for ladies! cos we left feeling perfectly full. except for betty who was obviously still hungry cos she was keen to get drunken hot cross buns, and Baroque bistro macarons and who knows what else haha

Hurrah, love holidays and long weekends

Hope you all had a good easter =)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Roti tisu, roti bom, cendol and teh tarik at mamak, Sydney

Yum food

mamak roti tisu

Roti tisu $9.5

mamak palm sugar ice cendol

Cendol $6

mamak roti attack

attack! Teh tarik in the corner $3.5

Mamak roti tisu pizza

Eating roti like a pizza
So crispy, flaky, so good

Mamak roti bom

Roti bom, I forget how much

Mamak: what did the critics say?
Cw: It was rotilicious
Cf: -too busy eating-

Star rating: 500 / 10, now bring over some more roti!

Yum food

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hey hey cloudy day

The rain looks like it's here to stay
Gumboots on! Come out and play

sunday 20th march 9:46pm
It's sunday evening and I have that gray feeling you get when your weekend or holidays are almost over. You wonder what you did with your time, and the answer is Not Much Really.

It's the end of the holiday blues! and it's cold and grey and boring, and being stuck inside makes it doubly boring. Anyway, introducing one of my new resolutions for 2011:

spend as little time around computers as I have to

At work you need the computer. Five days a week I need the computer. Five days a week I need to be sitting down on me bum! So for the other two days and every other waking moment I'm going to be spending my time outside (if please, mr rain goes away......) (go to melbourne!) and walking around and staring into the faces of my friends and family! Gosh I am so glad for my iphone, I am in the process of teaching it to run my e-life. yep my e-life ....if you're under the age of 70 and have friends, you know you qualify

Ps. I have decided that when I'm old I want to be surrounded by my loving kids and grandkids, and I will be strong and healthy (like my crazy 80 year old grandma) so I can go travelling around the world with my grandma and grandpa friends

U got bandaided