Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Breadtop Campsie, Sydney

Green Tea Red Bean Puffs, Breadtop CampsieCheck out these green tea babies from Campsie Breadtop - soft warm rolls of tea-flavoured bread rolled around and around like witchetty fairy floss with sweet little red beans hiding inside

Mmm and how exciting is the fact that they're green!

Green bread, bean head
Bean bread, GREEN HEAD

Green Bean Sesame Balls, Breadtop CampsieThese are miniature jien duys (sesame balls with red bean paste inside) except with GREEN BEAN inside. And of course since they had green in their name we had to get some.

65 cents may sound cheap, but on the main road in Campsie all the little asian groceries sell these for 40 cents! So it is a rip! Until you factor in the novelty of green bean over red bean

Taro Buns, Breadtop CampsieSugar dusted and shaped like chibi crabs

In the end we didn't get these because they weren't green

Sesame Balls and Green Tea Red Bean Puff, Breadtop CampsieDad's tray

Asian bakeries are always self service, with trays and tongs at your disposal.

Breadtop buns and Michel's Flat White Coffee, Breadtop CampsieThe bunshop haul

The green bean balls had a milder flavour without the typical red bean paste - they weren't as sweet or richly beany. When it comes to jien duy I think I prefer the bigger, yum-cha-size balls for their more satisfying filling and crunch

Entrance to BreadTop Campsie !Breadtop gets a lot of traffic even though it's not lunch time yet

The Breadtop chains are probably on the pricey side when it comes to asian bakeries, with most of their stuff closer to $2-3 instead of $1-2, but their buns are pretty and original enough to make up for this. Most of the buns I've tried are probably less sweet

This shop is in the recently renovated Campsie Centre, near Michel's Patisserie and the two dollar shop that sells Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards

so you have somewhere to go after you finish your buns and coffee

Macaron Party at Zumbo's Cafe
White Apple dessert cafe
Saint Honore bun shop
Barby's bakery bun shop
Italian biscuits and sweets at Gelatissimo