Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MasterChef Australia!

'MASTERCHEF IS ON!!' - the roar echoes through the entire house

'YAY, I'M COMING' my sister yells back

Are you watching MasterChef? MasterChef is the biggest culinary competition to hit Australian television sets. It's currently only three episodes in, but we are already addicted to the show :D
If you missed the first and second episodes of MasterChef Australia you can watch (and rewatch) the first clips here (thank you Youtube you rock)

Cooking auditions around Australia
The abacus beads by the artist chick Po
(hehe doesn't her name remind you of Kung Fu Panda =) looked really interesting. I think it's great how the judges try to keep MasterChef centred around simple food... not necessarily plain, since presentation is important, but more like there's an emphasis on cooking what you know and grew up with because that is what you understand best!

There's also the concept of good cooking being less about dressing up food all fine and fancy, and more about knowing the best way to bring out the flavours of your ingredients. MasterChef makes you think =)

And I totally want a slice of the law chick's banana tart tatin.

You can't get sick of watching this awesome promo

Tomorrow night is the first elimination challenge in MasterChef for all the contestants who didn't pass the onion-cutting challenge tonight, so it should be super interesting! (hehe I am secretly hoping for a dan-tart-making challenge later on)

MasterChef runs at 7pm on Channel 10 every night from Sunday to Friday.

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